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Summary and indictable offences

The NSW Government is currently in the process of trying to alleviate the substantial workload of the NSW District Court. One of the mechanisms through which the government proposes to do this is by introducing the option of summary proceedings for four indictable criminal offences. What does this mean? How might it help? What are some concerns? William Shrubb has a look.

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Firearms trafficking and mandatory sentences

The Federal Government has introduced new legislation to deal with firearms trafficking in Australia, but they have included a mandatory minimum sentencing scheme. William Shrubb examines the legislation.

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Book Review: ‘Saltwater’ by Cathy McLennan

Reading Saltwater has called us to consider to what extent the law can be a complete solution to social problems, and at a principled level how freedom to choose and the responsibility to protect people from harm is rarely easy or simple.

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Deaf jurors and discrimination, Part 2

Earlier this year, the Institute noted the upcoming High Court appeal of a deaf woman from Queensland who had been excluded from jury service by the registrar of Ipswich Courthouse. The High Court has now published its judgment in that matter. William Shrubb has a look.

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The Nuremberg trials

Tomorrow marks the 70th anniversary of judgment being delivered in the main Nuremberg trial after the Second World War. William Shrubb examines the war crimes trials and their impact on the rule of law.

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The Truman Proclamation and the Rule of Law

In the seventh post in our series of collaborative posts with New South Wales Young Lawyers’ International Law Committee, Laura Hugh looks back on the Truman Proclamation and its impact on the law of the sea.

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Inspector’s Review of ICAC

The President of the Rule of Law Institute, Robin Speed, has been an active participant in the NSW parliamentary committee inquiry into ICAC and the ICAC Inspector’s report to the Premier earlier this year, drawing the committee’s attention to the case of former SES commissioner Murray Kear.

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Organised crime bill in Queensland

The Queensland Government has recently tabled its proposed amendments to the organised crime scheme set up by the previous Newman Government. Some of these amendments signal a turn back towards the rule of law, while others raise potential concerns. The Institute will continue to monitor the debate.

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The powers of courts

A couple of weeks ago, the High Court handed down an important judgment about the powers and jurisdiction of courts. William Shrubb has a look.

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