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What is customary international law?

In the first post of 2017 in our ongoing collaboration with New South Wales Young Lawyers’ International Law Committee, Joshua Wood explores the intricacies of international customary law and the rule of law.

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The Federal Court

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the Federal Court of Australia Act 1976 (Cth). William Shrubb looks back on Australia’s second highest court.

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Sir Alan Taylor

Today would have been former High Court Justice Sir Alan Taylor’s 115th birthday. William Shrubb looks back on one of the High Court’s most genial judges.

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The Rule of Reason and the Rule of Law

How does the law handle questions about what is a reasonable or unreasonable use of power? Unsurprisingly, this question about power and reasonableness is integral to the rule of law. Jack Maxwell explains…

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Summary and indictable offences

The NSW Government is currently in the process of trying to alleviate the substantial workload of the NSW District Court. One of the mechanisms through which the government proposes to do this is by introducing the option of summary proceedings for four indictable criminal offences. What does this mean? How might it help? What are some concerns? William Shrubb has a look.

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