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VLAD and the Queensland Taskforce

The report of Queensland’s Taskforce on Organised Crime Legislation, to which the Institute made a submission, was made public last week. William Shrubb takes a look and discusses the VLAD legislation.

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Iran, sanctions, and the rule of law

The federal Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights suggests that important Iran sanctions laws may be so unclear that they undermine the rule of law. Nick Clark and William Shrubb investigate.

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Event: Business and the Rule of Law

Today, the Rule of Law Institute co-hosted an event with the Australian Institute of Company Directors, attended by leading members of the Australian legal and business worlds.

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Sir Frank Gavan Duffy

William Shrubb writes about Australia’s fourth Chief Justice, Sir Frank Gavan Duffy, whose 164th birthday is today.

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Crimes rates in Australia

The latest ABS crime victimisation report is mainly good news for Australians, but some key rule of law concerns remain, William Shrubb says.

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Judicial appointments: US and Australia

The recent death of US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has raised interest in judicial appointment methods in the Unites States and Australia. William Shrubb takes a look.

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Open access to government

The 25th anniversary of Question Time broadcasts, and the 150th anniversary of Hansard in Victoria, remind us of the importance of open access to government. William Shrubb has more.

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