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Explainer: Assault causing death in NSW 2014

The new assault causing death offence in NSW is an important piece of law reform for Legal Studies students to consider. It raises important questions about the rule of law and mandatory sentencing.

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Beware the ripple effect on rule of law 2014

Today in NSW new mandatory minimum jail terms of up to eight years to deal with drunken violence and so-called “coward’s punches” were introduced. These changes, which affect the role of intoxication in forming...

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Law Reform: Mandatory Sentences in NSW 2014

Law Reform to deal with violent assaults Introduction NSW Govt. Toughens Laws for Intoxicated Offenders The Rule of Law and Mandatory Sentences Do Mandatory Sentences Provide Just Outcomes? Questions and Activities See also our...

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Harming Australians and Retrospectivity

In the last days of the Parliament in 2013, Senator Nick Xenophon introduced a Private Members Bill to the Senate to make the “Harming Australians” offences in the Commonwealth Criminal Code retrospective. The...

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Wrap Up: Justice Fryberg v Premier Newman

Comments by Queensland Premier Campbell Newman about the way in which the courts should implement laws relating to outlaw motorcycle gangs have been challenged by Justice George Fryberg in the Queensland Supreme Court during a...

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