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Magna Carta and Checks and Balances

How do you stop a dictator? What do you do when you are ruled by a tyrant

Surprisingly, the answer comes from the Magna Carta. A time in 1215 when the English were ruled by a tyrant, King John.

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Civics and Citizenship Education in NSW

This Report considers what civics and citizenship content students in New South Wales are exposed to. This is achieved by comparing the current civics and citizenship content of the New South Wales curriculum with the civics and citizenship content in version 8.4 of the Australian Curriculum

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Case Study comparison on Independent Judiciary

This resource provides a comparison of the experience of judicial independence across three nations – Australia, Poland and Afghanistan, examining the role of the constitution and the associated the impacts of constitutional changes on judicial discretion and power, and therefore the achievement of the Rule of Law.

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Is ICAC a Kangaroo Court?

Which parts of the kangaroo court would form part of its national integrity commission? Will appeal rights be discarded? Will the rules of evidence go? And will there be show trials with predetermined outcomes?

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Keli Lane Case note

What was the law behind the Keli Lane Case? What did the evidence say? What was the role of the judge and jury? Why didn’t Keli Lane speak about Tegan? Why did the appeal fail? Read our case note to understand more

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Updated Posters

Rule of Law Education provides free posters for classroom teachers to download. You can see all of...

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Announcement concerning the awarding of an Order of Australia to Mr Robin Speed – Founder of the Rule of Law Institute and Australia’s Magna Carta Institute

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