Author: ROL Staff

Judicial Independence in the Spotlight

The Judicial Independence in Australia Conference  at the University of Queensland in July will bring together leading scholars and members of the profession to discuss the nature and importance of judicial independence in...

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Magna Carta Film

He shoots… and he scores!! It’s a goal for liberty and democracy! The Magna Carta...

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Jury Trials and ‘the exclusionary rule’

“Finality is a good thing, but justice is a better” per Lord Atkin in Ras Behari Lal v King-Emperor (1933) Privy Council decision. The High Court in its decision dated 12 February 2014, Smith v the State of Western Australia...

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The Rule of Law and Civil Society

In a recent speech at the Great Synagogue in Sydney, Chief Justice James Allsop of the Federal Court spoke candidly about the need to value “civility, reason, fairness and justice.  … Civility and manners in social intercourse...

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