Australia society has four main democratic beliefs that form the core of our national identity, each one embedded into the process of how Australia is governed. They are:

  • Parliamentary democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Respect for all individuals
  • Living peacefully

These beliefs provide all Australians with the freedom to live, work and have a family in a safe and stable environment. This is worth celebrating!


Rule of Law Education has created resources based on the Australia Government’s most recent publication regarding citizenship Our Common Bond to teach students about the importance of civics and citizenship, and our democratic beliefs. These resources include classroom posters, student activity sheets, information sheets, card games and a Kahoot!


Click on the pictures to download the resources or go to the Civics, Citizenship and Law section ( of our website to see the complete information pack and guides to use the material.

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Classroom Posters

Classroom Worksheets 


Click here to play the Kahoot!