Why do I have to book my Sydney CBD Court Excursion through Rule of  Law Education?

Rule of Law Education is assisting the Courts and the NSW Sheriffs by providing a formal booking system, to ensure that students and teacher’s security and safety is protected. It is critical that teachers have familiarised themselves with the Court Excursion Pack before attending the courts.

What is your booking procedure?

There are two excursion options  – The Law Day Out is a paid, facilitated excursions with a judicial speaker, Court Visits are free, self- guided and provide approved access to court buildings.Bookings for both excursions must be made online on the Rule of Education website. Our booking procedure is outlined in our Booking Flow Chart.

The online form isn’t working for me, what should I do?

Our online form has a few little idiosyncracies.

Firstly ensure that you have opened the booking form in a new tab on your browser – the form only works in a new tab or window.

We suggest you contact your school’s IT department if the form still doesn’t work in a new tab as there may be a firewall issue.  If you continue to have difficulties please contact us on courtvisits@ruleoflaw.org.au or call 8076 8221.

Where do I find the risk assessment?

You can download the risk assessment and other key documents on our Key Documents page.

What is the start time of my Law Day Out or Court Visit?

Our Law Day Outs start at 8:30am and Court Visits start at 10am.

The 8:30am start is required by the court staff to ensure that there is sufficient time for students to pass through security and be on time to meet with the judicial speaker.

If  the 8:30am start for Law Day Outs  is too early for your school, we suggest you book a Court Visit that is free and self-guided.

When will I be invoiced?

Within one week after your booking is approved. Please see our Terms and Conditions and Booking Flow Chart for details.  

Why are you  asking teachers to prepare questions for students to ask the judicial officers at a LDO?

Judicial Officers frequently request prepared questions to assist their preparation. As the meeting with the judicial officer can often only be for 30 minutes. There is no time to waste and the judicial officer wants to genuinely assist the students with their studies and understanding of the legal system. The prepared questions offer the judicial officer an insight into areas of study they should concentrate on when talking to students

The Judicial Officers are  interested in how students perceive the legal system and their role and enjoy the originality and challenge that some questions pose. Often students are overwhelmed when they first meet a senior judicial officer and prepared questions can be an ‘ice breaker’ to get the conversation started.

How do I contact my facilitator?

You will be emailed your facilitator’s details prior to your Law Day Out, if you need to contact us directly you can email courtvisits@ruleoflaw.org.au or call 8076 8221

I have to cancel or change my Law Day Out, what is the procedure?

Please contact us on courtvisits@ruleoflaw.org.au or call 8076 8221.

I have a special needs student attending a court excursion.

Please contact us on courtvisits@ruleoflaw.org.au or call 8076 8221.