Meeting with a Judicial Speaker on Law Day Out

Our Volunteer Judicial Speakers may be a:

  • Federal Court Justice –  deals with cases on all aspects of federal law including Migration and Commercial matters
  • Supreme Court Justice –  presides over Common Law (Crime and Civil), Equity or Appeal Court cases
  • District Court Judge –  runs trials in either the Crime or Civil jurisdictions and may focus on a particular area of law eg: Dust Diseases or Drug Importation
  • Local Court Magistrate –  considers a wide range of cases including criminal and civil
  • Other Legal Professionals including Court Officers, Probation and Parole Officers, Police, Barristers and/or Solicitors –  have interesting insights to share with students about the court system.

What to Expect when Meeting a Judicial Speaker

  • You will meet with the Judicial speaker prior to court commencing for the day, this is usually between 9am and 10am usually in a courtroom.
  • Justices and Judges are addressed as Your Honour or Judge – eg: “Your Honour, my question is…” or “Justice Brown could you share with me more about….”
  • Magistrates as Your Honour or Magistrate – eg: “Magistrate Brown please tell me more about…”
  • Court Officers and/or Police are addressed by their title – eg: Court Officer Brown or Constable Smith
  • We suggest that teachers chat with students prior to the Law Day Out excursion about what to expect and familiarise with our Court Excursion Pack and email any specific enquiries to our Court Education Team