What is democracy, and why is it so important to preserve in Australian society?

In this section, you will find resources that explain concepts and understandings about democracy, including the story of an 800-year-old document and how it influences the way modern Australia is governed today.

The story of evil King John and the granting of the Magna Carta show the genesis of the rule of law, and how these ancient manuscripts protected human rights so long ago. By sealing the Magna Carta, King John agreed to be subject to the law and to fairly administer justice. Its legacy underpins important values and institutions in Australian society today such as the Constitution, Parliament, Judiciary and the Executive.

The rule of law:

is where all people, including the government are ruled by the law and obey it

abridged definition by Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Walker

A democracy works best when it is supported by the rule of law. Democratic values determine how governance is managed, where ruling power is decided by the people, for the people. The rule of law ensures, those in power are subject to the law and those laws are known and followed.  Thereby providing protection from anarchy, lawlessness and corruption.

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