Jackie Charles our Education Manager presented on the topic of teaching Human Rights Law to Queensland teachers at the annual Business Educators Association Conference in Brisbane.


Download a PDF of the Presentation

Rule of  Law Resources

The Magna Carta, Separation of Powers and Division of Powers posters are available for download on our posters page. Magna Carta resources and case studies can be found on our Magna Carta Legacy webpage. The Queensland Anti-Discrimination Act video can be found here. The other resources are available by clicking on the images below.

Rule of Law and Freedom of Speech

New Freedom of Speech Resource which discusses the key case law that has led the High Court to detail, through common law decisions, an implied freedom of political communication within the Australian Constitution

Rule of Law and Royal Commissions

Download the Bethcar case study PDF which discusses the key issues of the role of the Royal Commissions and the importance of the Model Litigant rules.

Rule of Law and RDA

The Rule of Law and Racial Discrimination Case Study examines international and domestic Australian law relating to the issue of racial discrimination.