Court Role Play

Download a PDF of the Questions

This Question Bank is designed for students and teachers to use when meeting with a Judicial Speaker, in addition to the questions provided we reccomend that teachers encourage students to write their own questions. On average 10-15 questions should be prepared prior to the meeting. Judicial speakers appreciate it when the questions are printed with the students name. 

A PDF of the questions is available for Download


  • Are you ever concerned that the sentence you impose will create media backlash? 
  • How difficult is it to provide an adequate sentence that considers the victim, the accused and society? 
  • Is it difficult not to want to consider your own personal morals/values when delivering a sentence?
  • Have you ever disagreed with a jury’s verdict? If so, how does this make you feel about the sentencing process?
  • Have you ever been a part of circle sentencing? 

Trial and Appeal Process

  • Is there an aspect of the trial process that you disagree with or wish you could amend?
  • In the instance that the DPP appeal a case, is the defendant required to pay further funds to their legal team to have the case reheard? If so, what are some of the repercussions of this?
  • What are some common misconceptions about the trial process?
  • What complexities are introduced in regards to appellate jurisdiction as compared to original jurisdiction?
  • Have you ever been verbally abused by a defendant
  • Have you ever witnessed an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander on a jury? If so, is this a common occurrence?
  • What’s the most disturbing evidence you’ve seen?

  • Have you ever tried another judge?

  • How do you try to make fair and unbiased decisions? If there is a process which prevents bias, what is it?

  • Can a judge tell a lawyer that he is taking too much time in questioning a witness?

  • Are there cases when no jury is needed and the judge makes all of the decisions?

Law and the Legal System

  • Is there a piece of legislation that you feel needs reviewing and why?
  • Is there a particular piece of legislation that you’re passionate about (positive or negative)? 
  • Do you notice a time lag between new legislation and changing social values? (e.g.: Bail Act and Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act) reforms?
  • What is your opinion on a charter of rights for Australia?
  • In what ways does multiple types of courts affect resource efficiency and are there any other positives or negatives associated with the court hierarchical structure? 
  • When considering resource efficiency, should all trials be judge alone, in light of the Simon Gittany case?
  • Is there a trend on the type of accused persons at your court?
  • Do you think that police have too much or too little discretion? 
  • How has the level of recidivism for young offenders changed over time?
  • How do we solve the issue of detaining individuals? Huge cost to society – what are our best alternatives?
  • What do you think are the most significant cases in Australian history?

  • How do you think the Australian Legal System could be improved?

Being a Judge/Lawyer

  • As a female in the legal industry, have you found it difficult to be promoted? 
  • Have you ever set any notable precedents that you think have changed common law for the better?
  • What was the most interesting case you’ve ever heard?
  • Does being a lawyer affect your personal life?
  • Why did you become a lawyer and how long have you been a lawyer?
  • What’s the most shocking case you’ve worked on?
  • What’s the hardest part about being a lawyer?
  • What happens if a lawyer gets charged with something?
  • Why aren’t you allowed to turn your back on the judge in court?
  • What is the emotional impact of being a judge especially in terms of dealing with the sentencing of ordinary people?

Career Path

  • Did you do Legal Studies in High School and if so, how did you go?
  • If you weren’t a lawyer, what would you be doing?
  • How long have you been practising law?
  • What’s been the highlight or defining moment of your career?
  • How do you become a judge?

  • What qualifies you to be a judge beyond a law degree?