Primary Education Resources are GO!

Expanding upon our successful High School education program, we have launched a Primary Schools education program.

This program aims to provide curriculum content in the key learning area of Humanities and Social Sciences for Australian primary school children.

Resources are now available for teachers who deliver lessons in Australian History and Civics Education, including understanding the relevance and importance of the legacy of the Magna Carta, why Australia began as a penal colony, and the principles surrounding the rule of law that forms the basis of how we are governed today.

Our new Primary Education resources support national (ACARA) curriculum and state curriculum requirements as all activities are linked with relevant outcomes and descriptions to assist with programming.

These resources include:

  • Relevance and legacy of the Magna Carta
  • Democracy and Australian governance
  • Rule of Law principles
  • Federation and Separation of Powers
  • European Settlement 1788 and beyond

We are fortunate to have Leanne Davis joining the team as our Primary Education Officer at Australia’s Magna Carta Institute. Leanne is a highly experienced educator and has over 25 years of teaching experience in primary schools, particularly Stages 2 and 3. Leanne will be leading the program and is available to deliver presentations to students at your school anytime. Leanne is also happy to visit to meet with teachers to discuss content and provide any resources that you may need to provide support in this important key learning area.

Primary education resources can be found at

Further resources will be added to the website as this is an ongoing program, any suggestions and contributions will be appreciated. Please contact Leanne to make a booking for your school.