Free Speech and the Media

Resources on Free Speech

  • RoLIA Submission on Public Interest Disclosure Bill 2013, submission
  • Limits to freedom of political communication in Australia, essay
  • Free speech, rule of law and political debate in Australia, research guide

Further Reading

  • Australian Centre for Independent Journalism, website
  • Senate Committee Inquiry into the Public Interest Disclosure Bill 2013 (Cth), website
The Rule of Law requires freedom of speech and the media. People must be free to comment and assemble without fear and be able to criticise the actions of government. The role of the journalists in this process is pivotal.The media remains an effective means of promoting accountability in government, and journalists play an essential role in upholding the rule of law. If their sources of information are not protected, and they themselves are open to legal action which prevents them from reporting in the public interest, the rule of law is threatened.Uniform shield laws for journalist’s sources should be implemented across all Australian jurisdictions and should provide certainty and adequate protection for journalists and their sources.