Rule of Law Education is pleased to be conducting Law Day Out Court Excursions in Wollongong and Campbelltown. These programs involve; students and teachers visiting the court, meeting with a judicial officer and court staff – to gain insights into the legal system, and observing court matters with the support of our team of professional legal educators.

Regional and Outer Suburban courts are a great choice for Year 10 students and outer suburban schools for whom travel into the Sydney CBD is lengthy and expensive.

Advantages of Visiting  Outer Suburban or Regional Courts

  • shorter travelling time means that students and teachers don’t have to leave so early to go to the city.
  • students can leave the court at lunchtime and return to school for afternoon classes
  • not so tiring and such a long day for the students and the teacher
  • easier to organise
  •  varied and interesting matters
  • court rooms are big and can fit all the students
  • court house isn’t too crowded
  • all courts (District and Local) on the one or two levels so easy to supervise the students
  • the courthouse is very conveniently located to public transport with the train stations nearby
  • shops are in easy walking distance
  • nearby options of rlunch and/or morning tea

Feedback from a teacher who recently visited Campbelltown Court

the students… LOVED it, and were so engaged.  We saw the whole hearing play out – they dismissed the intimidation charges but issued an AVO against him for both parents.  The magistrate gave a great speech about wrapping up the case as well and his opinions of all of the witnesses evidence, which the students found very interesting.

South Western Sydney Legal Studies Teacher

Feedback from a teacher who recently visited Wollongong Court

We … sat inside the District Courts first to hear an appeal and then to hear part of a dangerous driving trial. Students had the opportunity to speak to the District Court Judges. The students listened to the judges explain their daily roles and responsibilities of being a district court judge. They then had the opportunity to ask questions. Students learnt and saw first hand the difficulty and the burden placed upon judges in our criminal justice system.

South Western Sydney Legal Studies Teacher

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