Jackie Charles our Education Manager had the honour to work with James Cook University Cairns in their 2017 Legal Studies day speaking about the Rule of Law and Technology.

The changing nature of technology, the legal response and it’s intersection with the Rule of Law was the key topic of discussion. Resources related to the presentation and the topic more broadly can be found in this post.

Presentation and Resources

Download a PDF of the JCU Technology and the Law Presentation

The Rule of Law Institute Metadata resource and discussion sets out all the key rule of law concerns with the so called ‘Metadata’ legislation.

Online Resources

A great blog on technology and the law is Ms Lods and her Twitter feed is vital for keeping track of case law and legislations @MsLods

Paul Farrell writes very good articles about Tech issues and the law in Australia – his articles can be found here 

Matthew Rimmer is an academic who writes mainly about copyright but also more generally about Tech and the Law – some of his articles can be found here . His Twitter feed is a valuable source of current information and cases.

Some recent discussion around the issue of Piracy can be found here  – scroll down to the red links and click on the link about ‘Court orders ISPs to block piracy sites’. The recent application to block so-called ‘mirror’ Pirate Bay sites is discussed here.

The Federal Court Judgment on the key piracy can be found here ( it is very technical) but a good legal summary of the case can be found here.

This case , although not Australian, describes very well how difficult it is for Law Enforcement to catch cyber criminals and although a long read it’s very helpful to explain how Cyber crime works.

Intimate Image abuse is a very topical legal and social issue, some discussion can be found here.