The RoLIA CEO, Richard Gilbert, attended the Hague Rule of Law Network Meeting in the Hague on 28/29 April 2011.
[ba-quote]The aim of this meeting was to explore the many affinities and tensions that exist between rule of law promotion and SSR. SSR is a concept that arose in the late 1990s and have gained importance ever since, though it is still evolving and remains contested. One aspect of SSR that has not been sufficiently studied is its relation to rule of law promotion, both conceptually and practically. Undoubtedly, there is a significant overlap between activities that traditionally fall within the umbrella of rule of law promotion and the more recently developed SSR. Arguably, there are also tensions between these concepts. Seeing for example the concern expressed by some actors that SSR’s emphasis on security might override the developmental objectives of rule of law reform. And thus subordinate the demands of justice reform to the short-term interests of the international security community.[/ba-quote]

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