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Organised crime bill in Queensland

The Queensland Government has recently tabled its proposed amendments to the organised crime scheme set up by the previous Newman Government. Some of these amendments signal a turn back towards the rule of law, while others raise potential concerns. The Institute will continue to monitor the debate.

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The Rule of Law and Civil Society

In a recent speech at the Great Synagogue in Sydney, Chief Justice James Allsop of the Federal Court spoke candidly about the need to value “civility, reason, fairness and justice.  … Civility and manners in social intercourse...

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More Mandatory Sentences in NSW 2014

The Crimes Amendment (Intoxication) Bill 2014 was introduced this week into the NSW Parliament. It increases the penalty by two years for a number of assault offences if they were committed by an adult who was intoxicated at the...

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Explainer: Assault causing death in NSW 2014

The new assault causing death offence in NSW is an important piece of law reform for Legal Studies students to consider. It raises important questions about the rule of law and mandatory sentencing.

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Queensland Anti-Association Laws Update 2014

“What is needed is an understanding by both governments and the people that elect them that adherence to rule of law principles…is not negotiable” Kate Burns RoLIA CEO The impact of the so called...

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Beware the ripple effect on rule of law 2014

Today in NSW new mandatory minimum jail terms of up to eight years to deal with drunken violence and so-called “coward’s punches” were introduced. These changes, which affect the role of intoxication in forming...

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Law Reform: Mandatory Sentences in NSW 2014

Law Reform to deal with violent assaults Introduction NSW Govt. Toughens Laws for Intoxicated Offenders The Rule of Law and Mandatory Sentences Do Mandatory Sentences Provide Just Outcomes? Questions and Activities See also our...

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Mash-up: Mandatory Sentencing in Australia 2014

Recent events in NSW have focused attention on mandatory sentencing. This post brings together relevant information about current mandatory sentencing debates in Australia. Click on the links below to view material for the...

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