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The Magna Carta in Australia:

Celebrating the 800th Anniversary of the Granting of the Magna Carta

A collection of writings that celebrate the unique contribution the Magna Carta has made to Australia’s legal history and development as a nation. The writings are engaging, diverse and incisive with contributors including current and former Justices of the High Court of Australia, a former Prime Minister as well as politicians, lawyers and academics. 


The Lost Parcel

A captivating true story of a convict couple, Henry and Susannah Kable and the disappearance of their parcel of belongings on their journey on the First Fleet.

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Checks and Balances: Freedom of Press and an Independent Judiciary

In 1823 Chief Justice Francis Forbes arrived in the colony with the New South Wales Act (UK) 1823 establishing the NSW Supreme Court.  A few years later, military man Governor Darling arrived in the Colony with strict instructions to make the colony a place of terror!  It wasn’t long until these two figures clashed. But who would prevail? Should those living in the colony have the same rights as those in England? Would there be a free press that criticised the actions of the Governor?  Would the Governor be able to bully the Chief Justice to get his new laws past?  This storybook illustrates how the freedom of the press and an independent judiciary provided a check on the Governor’s power.

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Civil and Criminal Law Poster Pack

Three Pack of Posters- Criminal Law, Civil Law and the Rule of Law Wheel.  Postage included and will only be posted within Australia. To see a free online version of the posters, please click here.