Payment for a Law Day Out Court Excursion 

Law Day Out Court Excursion Program (LDO) –  A Court Experience facilitated by a Rule of Law Educator with the opportunity, where possible, to meet a Judicial Officer.  LDO’s are limited to 45 students.

2023 Law Day Outs

In 2023 as we restarted our LDO program, all groups were charged a flat rate of $220. 


2024 Law Day Outs

In 2024, our pricing model is based upon group sizes:

Small Groups (for 1 – 15 students) $165  


Medium Groups (16 – 30 students) $275


Large Groups (31 – 45 students) $462

 A self guided visit to the Court is a free option where schools visit the Courts without a Rule of Law Educator.

The fees for a LDO do not fully cover our costs of running the excursion. For low SES schools or those with smaller groups, the fee may be reduced by approval of the Education Manager.

Invoice for your Law Day Out

After you have booked your Law Day Out on our online booking form, you will be emailed an invoice.  As per the Flowchart, payment is required 45 days before the LDO.  Payment is either via EFT using the Bank Details on the invoice or can be paid via Paypal/ Credit Card using the below form.


Issues with Payments

Please do not hesitate to email us on if you have any issues with your payments.