About Us

We are passionate about educating Australian school students and the wider community about the Rule of Law- educating and not posturing.

We are an independent, non-partisan, non political organisation.

The Rule of Law Education Centre and our sister organisation, the Rule of Law Institute of Australia do not take an institutional position on the upcoming referendum on the Voice to Parliament beyond a consideration of relevant principles of the Rule of Law.  We are, of necessity, apolitical. In order to remain effective advocates for the rule of law, we must remain free to criticise both sides of politics when, in our assessment, they threaten the principles of the rule of law.

Our interest in the current referendum is based entirely on its impact on the rule of law including;

– principle of equality before the law – which is a fundamental requirement of the rule of law and all true democracies
– the need for laws and its administration is subject to open and free criticism; and
– the need for laws that are made in an open and transparent way by the people.

On our website you will find resources looking at both sides of the argument, with all people (including our members) entitled and encouraged to make their own informed view. Unlike some companies and sporting clubs, it is not our role to tell you how to vote. It is our role to outline the principles of the rule of law, explain why they are important and then leave it to people to make up their own minds. On October 14, we will be asked to make the biggest change to the Constitution since federation. We urge you to do your best to set aside the campaign hoopla, consider both sides of the debate and make a decision that, in your assessment, best protects the rule of law.

About the Rule of Law

Democracy and our freedoms and rights are protected by the Rule of Law.

This is best explained by the Rule of Law Wheel.  Click the Wheel to learn more.

At its most basic level, the Rule of Law is the concept that both the government and citizens know the law and obey it. 

About You

Where would you rather live?

If the answer is Australia .. is it because we have a culture of peace, safety and democracy supported by the Rule of Law?

Join us in Protecting and Fostering the Rule of Law

The Rule of Law is under threat both within Australia and overseas.

We cannot expect anyone to stand up for the Rule of Law unless they know what it means and why it is so critical.

You can join us by fostering and protecting the Rule of Law in Australia by becoming a member of our sister organisation, the Rule of Law Institute of Australia, there are two organisations to facilitate in having tax deductible status for the Centre.

Whatever your politics, left or right, labor, liberals or greens, membership is open to everyone.

Membership is free.  It does not impose any financial obligations. However, it does not carry the right to vote nor the right to receive notice of meeting of the Centre. It is intended to be a way of sharing our passion and a simple means of communication between us.  The names of members are not disclosed. Members may be invited from time to time to join in making submissions to Government, working out programs for schools and commenting on the work of the Centre.

Become a member by clicking here.

The Rule of Law Education Centre

The Centre aims to educate and inform school students about how the Magna Carta and subsequent rule of law principles have impacted and contributed to the history, culture and legal processes of Australia and to strengthen the rule of law and human rights through education.

Rule of Law Education operates education programs and initiatives to provide school and university students with an understanding of the importance of the Magna Carta and rule of law principles and how they relate to contemporary issues.  The Rule of Law Education Centres most successful program has been the Law Day Out Excursion.  Before Covid-19, the Rule of Law Education Centre facilitated over 4,500 students and 180 schools, together with over 50 volunteer judicial officers on the program each year. 

In addition, the Rule of Law Education Centre specialises in creating easy to understand resources and materials for students and the community to grasp legal concepts.  The rule of law website receives around 440,000 page views per year, in addition to views on social media platforms of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, demonstrating how teachers, students, and academics value and refer to our material for referencing. 

In 2019, the Rule of Law Education Centre developed a primary school program to create extensive resources and materials to help teachers teach difficult historical and civics subjects in the classroom.  

The Rule of Law Education Centre works with the Rule of Law Institute of Australia to engage with the community and government by commenting on Bills before Parliament, writing media articles and reports and speaking at conferences about the rule of law.

The Centre is an independent, non-partisan, non political Centre formed to uphold the Rule of Law in Australia.

We receive no funding from Government.

Whilst other organisations postulate about the need to educate Australians, we actually educate Australian school students. 

Donations given to the Centre by members are spent on creating resources and programs to educate school students about the Rule of Law.  Less than 5% of donations are spent on overheads.

The Centre relies upon generous donations in time and money from individuals and organisations who seek to foster and protect the Rule of Law in Australia.  Donations are tax deductible and can be made by clicking here.

Board of the Rule of Law Education Centre

Annual Reports

“The Rule of Law Education Centre has become the education centre for school students on the Rule of Law. This is primarily carried out by conducting the Law Day Outs and providing teaching material to teachers.

It is non – political, neither left nor right and unique in today’s environment
Comments are made on political matters which adversely affect the rule of law such as the new Federal ICAC Act, proposed defamation changes, consent in rape cases, bail laws, important High and other court cases.” – Robin Speed OAM, Founder

The 2022 Annual Report highlights the work of the Rule of Law Institute of Australia together with the Rule of Law Education Centre in protecting our freedoms through education and public commentary. 


The documents below set out how Rule of Law Education Centre collects and uses information, manages education programs and processes payments on this website and through our online education program booking form.

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