Rule of Law Education Centre  is an independent, politically non-partisan, not-for-profit body formed to uphold the rule of law in Australia. The Institute aims to educate and inform about how the Magna Carta and subsequent rule of law principles have impacted and contributed to the history, culture and legal processes of Australia and to strengthen the rule of law and human rights through education.

It operates education programs and initiatives to provide school and university students with an understanding of the importance of the Magna Carta and rule of law principles and how they relate to contemporary issues.

The Institute works with the Rule of Law Institute of Australia to engage with the community and government by commenting on Bills before Parliament, writing media articles and reports, holding an annual conference on current rule of law issues and speaking at conferences.


Governing Committee of Rule of Law Education Centre
  • Margaret Cunneen SC, President
  • Malcolm Stewart, Senior Vice-President 
  • Chris Merritt, Vice-President
  • Robin Speed OAM, Founder
  • Sally Layson, Treasurer
  • David Lowy AM 
  • Hugh Morgan AC
  • John Roskam
  • Emeritus Professor Geoffrey de Q. Walker


  • Sally Layson, General Manager
  • Leanne Davis, Primary School Officer
  • Genevieve Longman, Law Day Out Facilitator
  • Emily Layson, Law Day Out Facilitator
  • Virginia Valiozis, Law Day Out Facilitator
  • Julia Cassis, Law Day Out Facilitator

Annual Reports

2018 Annual Report

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