Commentary and Submissions

To defend the rule of law we encourage open discussion.

The Rule of Law Education Centre constructively engages in debate regarding the rule of law and, where appropriate challenges when the rule of law is under threat.  It defends those foundations and principles that have been provided protection for hundreds of years by balancing the state’s power with the individual’s rights.

A society that supports the rule of law is not one composed of uncritical and obedient citizens; rather it is one whose citizens understand and respect just laws, are aware of their function and know how to engage with them constructively and how to challenge them as needed, within the appropriate mechanisms and institutions.

– United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Commentary in the Media

 Chris Merritt writes a weekly commentary in the Australian newspaper highlighting rule of law issues.  These articles can be found directly at The Australia or clicking on the button below to go the Rule of Law Institute’s website.

The below areas have been a particular concern to the Rule of Law Education Centre:

Submissions on Education and the Rule of Law

Advocacy for Curriculum Changes

The Rule of Law Education has provided feedback and submissions on the Australian and New South Wales Curriculums.  We believe that democracy and the key principles that underline our system of government such as equality, fairness and justice must be deliberately and intentionally taught to every generation of Australians. Intentionality ensures each generation has sufficient knowledge, understanding, skills and values required to maintain a constitutional, liberal democracy.

Our Rule of Law Wheel states ‘the rule of law must be supported by informed and active citizens.’ As a result, our submissions regarding the curriculum consider, from a rule of law perspective, whether Australian students are being equipped with adequate knowledge so can they be active, informed, responsible and engaged citizens and undertake their civic duties to ensure the stability of the Australian community going forward.

A copy of our most recent submissions are:

Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters- Inquiry into civics education, engagement, and participation in Australia


Submissions for  the New South Wales Curriculum Review:

NSW Commerce Curriculum

NSW History Curriculum

Submissions for  the Australian Curriculum Review: