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The Rule of Law in Australia

The Rule of Law is a legal tradition in Australian society. At its simplest it requires that we have just laws that are followed and enforced.While the law and the needs of society change, the rule of law principles as seen in the Rule of Law wheel remains the same: it promotes freedom from tyranny by ensuring checks and balances on the use of power.

Download the Rule of Law Wheel

The Rule of Law Principle in Australia

The Magna Carta

Our Magna Carta and Legacy of Magna Carta posters offer a small glimpse of the history of the rule of law – ideas as important 800 years ago (when the Magna Carta was granted) as they are today.

The Magna Carta
The Legacy of Magna Carta Poster

Separation of Powers

This poster explains the features and functioning of the Separation of Powers in Australia.

The Separation of Powers Poster

Division of Powers

This poster explains the Division of powers between the Commonwealth Government and the States and Territories.

Download the Division of Powers

Division of Powers Poster

Presumption of Innocence

This poster explains the main principles of the presumption of innocence and the implications of these principles

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Additional Posters

Posters have been created for both primary and secondary students to help students easily understand basic concepts of governance, freedoms and society. Click on the poster or go to the Primary Poster section of our website.

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