The Inquiry into the performance of the Australian Investments and Securities Commission (ASIC) by the Senate Standing Committee on Economics has so far published 183 submissions. A term of reference in the Inquiry asks whether ASIC’s accountability framework requires strengthening. This is of particular importance to the rule of law.

RoLIA has prepared a survey on ASIC’s responses to questions for the last four rounds of Senate Estimates. Read the full survey for more details.

The Institute’s submission to the Inquiry should be available on the Committee’s website next week.

Find RoLIA’s previous Estimate Surveys on our Checks and Balances page.

ASIC Responses to Qtns on Notice

Click to enlarge. Table shows ASIC’s Responses to Questions on Notice. NB: ‘More than 30 days late’ shows the proportion of questions answered late which were more than 30 days late, not additional unanswered questions. Please see the full survey for further details.