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Civics and Citizenship Education in NSW

This Report considers what civics and citizenship content students in New South Wales are exposed to. This is achieved by comparing the current civics and citizenship content of the New South Wales curriculum with the civics and citizenship content in version 8.4 of the Australian Curriculum

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Tribute Judge Zahra

Peter Zahra, who died this week, was much more than the NSW District Court judge who was running the embezzlement trial of Guy Sebastian’s former manager, Titus Day.

Behind the scenes Judge Zahra was one of the biggest supporters of a program that gives law and commerce students direct access to NSW courts.

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Case Study comparison on Independent Judiciary

This resource provides a comparison of the experience of judicial independence across three nations – Australia, Poland and Afghanistan, examining the role of the constitution and the associated the impacts of constitutional changes on judicial discretion and power, and therefore the achievement of the Rule of Law.

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Is ICAC a Kangaroo Court?

Which parts of the kangaroo court would form part of its national integrity commission? Will appeal rights be discarded? Will the rules of evidence go? And will there be show trials with predetermined outcomes?

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Australia Day- a time to celebrate

Australia Day is a time to
celebrate our shared values: respect, inclusion, civility, responsibility, compassion, equality and the opportunity to have a fair go; and appreciate our democratic rights and the rule of law

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Victorian Pandemic Management bill

The Victorian governments latest pandemic legislation, the Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021 has been the subject of some serious concern within the legal profession. 

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Eureka rebellion

The Eureka rebellion was a defining moment in Australian history as the beginning of true representative democracy. It resulted in important reforms being put in place to limit the power government had over the people and gave people a voice in making laws and the ability to hold decision makers to account.
This page provides an audio book reading of the book, character chards, a poster and the Eureka Debate

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What is the Role of ICAC

ICAC was designed to expose corruption in NSW. However it has become a parallel system of justice with public hearings, no review or exoneration protocol and a court like appearance that can neither make findings of guilt or innocence, follows fair trial procedural justice and even impacts the criminal justice system. This article considers the flaws about ICAC and why its role is confused.

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