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Victorian Pandemic Management bill

The Victorian governments latest pandemic legislation, the Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021 has been the subject of some serious concern within the legal profession. 

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Eureka rebellion

The Eureka rebellion was a defining moment in Australian history as the beginning of true representative democracy. It resulted in important reforms being put in place to limit the power government had over the people and gave people a voice in making laws and the ability to hold decision makers to account.
This page provides an audio book reading of the book, character chards, a poster and the Eureka Debate

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What is the Role of ICAC

ICAC was designed to expose corruption in NSW. However it has become a parallel system of justice with public hearings, no review or exoneration protocol and a court like appearance that can neither make findings of guilt or innocence, follows fair trial procedural justice and even impacts the criminal justice system. This article considers the flaws about ICAC and why its role is confused.

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Presumption of Guilt Conference

Are we witnessing the death of the presumption of innocence? And does this matter?

This is the subject of the Rule of Law conference hosted by the Rule of Law Education Centre, that will examine recent challenges to this doctrine and the threat this poses to the Australian concept of a ‘fair go’.

Speakers include Ron Hoenig MP, Margaret Cunneen, Malcolm Stewart and Chris Merritt

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ICCPR and Human Rights in Australia

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) coming into force. William Shrubb looks back over its first four decades.

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Libertyworks and Implied Freedom of Political communication

Speed and Stracey recently represented Libertyworks Inc, at the High Court to seek a declaration that the registration provisions under the FITS Act were beyond the power of the Commonwealth Parliament to enact because they contravened the implied constitutional freedom of political communication

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Celebrate Australia

Celebrate Australia and the foundations of democracy, respect for individuals, peaceful nation and the rule of law

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Human Rights Day

World Human Rights Day is an opportunity to share with your students the importance of human rights and why they must be preserved for all people across the world.

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