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Voice: Changes to Vote Yes

Changes to be made to wording of proposed Constitutional Provision so improve Case to Vote Yes. Arguments for Voting No on Voice at Referendum. The Case for No on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament. Includes changes to be made to ensure equality before the law

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Tribute to Robin Speed

Tribute to Robin Speed OAM founder of the Rule of Law Institute of Australia and Rule of Law Education Centre

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Australia Day- a time to celebrate

Australia Day is a time to
celebrate our shared values: respect, inclusion, civility, responsibility, compassion, equality and the opportunity to have a fair go; and appreciate our democratic rights and the rule of law

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Digital Justice in a Pandemic

During the pandemic, the Courts had to adjust procedures to allow justice to continue even during lockdowns resulting in digital justice. This had disadvantages and advantages with lessons to be learnt

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The Rule of Law in Roe v Wade and Dobbs

In Dobbs, both the majority, and the minority, rely upon the rule of law in aid of their judgments for the constitutional validity, and invalidity, of State laws permitting abortion.

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Magna Carta and Checks and Balances

How do you stop a dictator? What do you do when you are ruled by a tyrant

Surprisingly, the answer comes from the Magna Carta. A time in 1215 when the English were ruled by a tyrant, King John.

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