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Keli Lane Case note

What was the law behind the Keli Lane Case? What did the evidence say? What was the role of the judge and jury? Why didn’t Keli Lane speak about Tegan? Why did the appeal fail? Read our case note to understand more

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NSW History Draft v2 Feedback

The second draft of the NSW History Curriculum released in February 2024 has some civics content but more is needed, especially in relation to the basics of law and government for NSW students to be informed and active citizensh

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NESA draft History 7-10 Syllabus – What is missing?

The draft syllabus is supposedly aligned to the F–10 Australian Curriculum (version 9.0).
Really? Where is the Civics and Citizenship 7-10 curriculum? Its presence is clearly stated in the Australian Curriculum, but omitted from NESA 7-10 syllabuses. Why? When democracies around the world are experiencing backsliding and the rise of extremism the need for active and informed citizens is clearly evident.

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VCTA Commview 23

Victorian Commercial Teachers Association Conference Held in Melbourne on 20th and 21st November...

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Referendum Process and why Australians voted no

The real cause for the rejection of the Voice to Parliament in the 2023 Referendum probably and why people voted No has as much to do with the referendum process as it does with the substance of the proposed new entity.

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Voice: Legal Realities and Both Sides Debate

Discussion on the legal realities of the Voice, featuring two legal experts, Professor Greg Williams on NO side of the voice debate, and Chris Merritt on the YES side. The Debate can be found at https://youtu.be/AULx4WKDkPY. This document outlines the points made by both experts during the debate.

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