Judge Culver of the District Court of NSW outlines the essential features of the rule of law.

Her Honour then illustrates the rule of law in action with a fictional case of someone being given a package by a stranger and the differing treatment by the police and courts depending if the rule of law is alive and well

The Magna Carta established the rule of law and the idea that all citizens, including those in power, should be fairly and equally ruled by the law.

The Magna Carta ensured the King is no longer above the law. we are ruled by the law and the law alone,  a qualified Independent Judiciary, confidence in Fair Process and the law is known by all

Magna Carta: Foundation of the rule of law Worksheet

This video introduces the concept of the rule of law and provides some examples of ways in which the concept supports fairness and certainty in the legal system.

Rule of Law Lecture Series – with Kevin Lindgren AM QC

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The Hon Kevin Lindgren, former Justice of the Federal Court of Australia, was appointed Adjunct Professor of the rule of law at the University of Sydney in 2012. He has lectured extensively on the concept of the rule of law and has produced a paper entitled ‘The Rule of Law: Its State of Health in Australia‘. RoLIA is also producing a short lecture series available on our YouTube Channel to capture essential aspects of Professor Lindgren’s lectures such as: