Developing Legal Literacy

A key principle of the rule of law is ‘knowing the law’. By ‘knowing the law’ people are more able to uphold the rule of law and are aware of their obligations under the law and can also challenge laws that threaten their fundamental rights and freedoms.

Sometimes the law can be difficult to understand and can require  knowledge and legal reasoning to decode the words and the associated legal principles.

Our new Legal Literacy resource ( download below) is designed to equip students and teachers with the skills to analyse and evaluate any legal issue.The resource guides students through ILAC including examples of legal issues and activities to develop and practice their legal reasoning.

Download the A3 PDF of the resource here

The ILAC Scaffold

The ILAC Scaffold develops legal literacy by breaking down a legal issue into its key components.


I  – Identify the Legal Issue

L- State the relevant Law ( Statute and Case Law)

A- Apply the Law to the facts of the legal issue/case

C – Write a conclusion on the outcome of applying the law to facts