Rule of Law Institute of Australia LogoThe Rule of Law Institute is proud to announce that it will be partnering with Macquarie University’s PACE program again in 2016.

MacquariePACEProgam_BrandingThe PACE program, which stands for Professional and Community Engagement:

provides practical experience for undergraduate students, engaging them in real world learning activities with organisations.

The Institute will be partnering with students enrolled in Macquarie Law School’s Legal Governance and Professional Leadership course, to “work with students on real world research projects that will feed into and support the law reform work” of the Institute.

This will be the third year that the Institute has partnered with the program. Previous projects have assisted the work of the Institute in making submissions and in the creation of education resources and have focused on:

  • the role the Australian Senate in the scrutiny of prospective legislation
  • the relevance of the Magna Carta to legal issues in Australia
  • the compulsory examination powers of law enforcement, investigation powers of the ICAC, and changes to the bail law in NSW

The Institute thanks Macquarie University for the opportunity to participate again, and looks forward to fostering and enhancing the rule of law understanding of the students.