The Rule of Law Institute encourages you to support the following initiatives of the MEAA in support of Australian journalist Peter Greste and his colleagues to call for their immediate release:

MEAA has been involved in campaigning for the release of the Al Jazeera journalists since December last year and we thank the many MEAA members who have participated in the campaign so far. Now Peter and the other journalists imprisoned for their journalism need our help more than ever.

How you can help?

Global campaign. Today MEAA, together with the International Federation of Journalists and the International Freedom of Expression Exchange, initiated a global campaign among journalist unions and media organisations to write to the Egyptian government demanding the release of the Al Jazeera staff. You can add the name of your organisation here:

Petition. Please sign the Amnesty International Australia petition:

Write. You can write to Peter using this new email address:

Follow. Twitter @PeterGreste (hashtag #FreeAJstaff) and Facebook:

We’ll also be promoting other campaign activities via the MEAA Media social media accounts: Twitter: @mediaalliance and Facebook:

Finally, a message from Peter Greste on UNESCO World Press Freedom Day: