Image of Separation of Powers Poster

A PDF of the poster is avaialable as well as an accompanying worksheet.

This weekend RoLIA is at the Business Educators’ Association of Queensland state conference at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The winners of the Queensland Rule of Law Essay Prize will be announced and we will be running an exhibit at the conference trade fair.

Image of Make Your Own Executive Worksheet

Click to download the PDF

New education materials will be available at our exhibit for teachers such as a DVD of our new series of video tutorials on researching High Court cases, and our new poster and worksheets which explain the separation of powers. The poster provides an excellent summary of the checks and balances on the use of power in Australian Government. The Make Your Own Executive worksheet also encourages students to develop knowledge and understanding of the role and responsibilities of that arm of government.

All of the resources above are available for download. Click on the images to be taken to our download page. Contact for enquiries about RoLIA’s education resources and programs.
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How to: Understanding Judgments from the High Court

This series takes you through how to find judgment summaries, use a reading strategy to begin to understand a judgment, gather information about a case from its citation, and legal terminology associated with judgments in the High Court of Australia. Download the accompanying notes for:

Part 1 – Finding and Reading a Judgment Summary [pl_video type=”youtube” id=”_WjZrsPpbQ4″]
Part 2 – Understanding Case Citations [pl_video type=”youtube” id=”bRBK9lbB4wI”]
Part 3 – How the High Court comes to a Decision [pl_video type=”youtube” id=”av1wZ6LjqGM”]

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New Case Studies for Queensland Legal Studies

Legal Responses to Criminal Organisations

This booklet examines Queensland’s legal response to the issue of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs with particular reference to current application to declare the Finks Motorcycle Club on the Gold Coast. Although preventing crime is desirable, these laws raise rule of law issue and diminish the presumption of innocence and procedural fairness. The activities and content allow students to gain a broad understanding of this contemporary legal issue.

Booklet - Rights, Responsibilities in Australia

This booklet provides legislation, case law and contemporary examples which explain the right to peaceful assembly and how Australian law provides for limited freedom of speech. Included are discussion questions and activities to guide students in their understanding of the relationship between rights, responsibilities and the rule of law in Queensland.