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Malcolm Stewart, Rule of Law Institute Vice President

The Institute’s Vice President, Malcolm Stewart, spoke to Ross Greenwood on radio station 2UE about a lawyer’s obligation to their clients on Thursday, 26 November.

Mr Stewart said the way a law firm structures its business has no bearing on a lawyer’s duty and responsibility to the client:

“…your primary obligation is to the client, and solicitors [of a law firm] are individually officers of the state courts or the higher courts in which they appear.”

He also emphasised:

“It is very important for the community, for all of us, to ensure that people in vulnerable positions (and anyone else) do not get overcharged for services that have been provided, and to make sure they get the very best result that law will enable them to get – that is of paramount of importance to a lawyer’s obligations, duties and responsibility.”

Listen to the full interview on the 2UE website, or download it directly.