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Voice: Legal Realities and Both Sides Debate

Discussion on the legal realities of the Voice, featuring two legal experts, Professor Greg Williams on NO side of the voice debate, and Chris Merritt on the YES side. The Debate can be found at https://youtu.be/AULx4WKDkPY. This document outlines the points made by both experts during the debate.

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Voice- The Case for Voting NO

The Voice Reerendum: Arguments for Voting No on First Nations Voice to Parliament at Referendum. The Case for No on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament and the pros and cons, with both sides of argument of a Voice to parliament and why we should vote no

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Lehrmann case disregard rule of law

It is not widely understood that the investigations and lawsuits brought about as a result of the R v Lehrmann (‘Britney Higgins case’) have directly resulted from a disregard of the rule of law in connection with that case.

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Professional Development for Teachers: Q and A

Professional Development for Legal Studies Teachers- An interview with Margaret Cunneen SC where she provides contemporary examples based upon her extensive experience within the criminal justice system including her time not only in the prosecution of high-profile cases, such as Skaf and the Butcher of Bega, Graeme Reeves, but also in defence of many accused persons

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Judicial Overhaul in Israel

The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu undertook a judicial overhaul under the guise of a proposed reform. The reforms had two major changes. First they would give politicians greater power to select judges. Second, the reforms would permit the Israeli parliament to overrule the judiciary.

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Voice: Changes to Vote Yes

Changes to be made to wording of proposed Constitutional Provision so improve Case to Vote Yes. Arguments for Voting No on Voice at Referendum. The Case for No on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament. Includes changes to be made to ensure equality before the law

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Australia Day- a time to celebrate

Australia Day is a time to
celebrate our shared values: respect, inclusion, civility, responsibility, compassion, equality and the opportunity to have a fair go; and appreciate our democratic rights and the rule of law

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Digital Justice in a Pandemic

During the pandemic, the Courts had to adjust procedures to allow justice to continue even during lockdowns resulting in digital justice. This had disadvantages and advantages with lessons to be learnt

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Yes No Referendum Pamphlet

Confused by the contradictory claims in the YES/NO Official pamphlet? One of our paralegals for their Constitutional Law essay looked at three claims from the YEs NO pamphlet and what legal experts from both sides have to say.

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