Media and Social Media as a non legal response

Rule of Law Education Centre Presentation to the Legal Studies Association

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On Monday August 8, the team at the Rule of Law Education Centre were invited to present to members of the Legal Studies Association on the influence of media and social media on the justice system and the achievement of Rule of Law principles.

During their presentation, Sally shared some of the work undertaken recently by RoLE and highlighted the importance of the rule of law to provide checks and balances on those in power and to protect our rights and freedoms.

Justine then presented an examination of the influence of media and social media on the justice process, from investigation post trial outcomes. Of particular importance was the impact that official and unofficial commentary and reporting has on the achievement of presumption of innocence, fair and prompt trials, knowledge and accessibility and free and open criticism. 

A copy of the Presentation Slides, Explainers and Posters can be found by clicking on the images.


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Preliminary Legal Studies – Topic III – Law in Practice
Themes and Challenges: The relationship between justice, law and society; The importance of the rule of law; The responsiveness of the legal system in dealing with issues; The effectiveness of legal and non-legal mechanisms in achieving justice for individuals and society
Content: Application of the effectiveness criteria to a non-legal response

HSC Legal Studies – Part I of the core – Crime
Themes and Challenges: Issues of compliance and non-compliance in regard to criminal law; The extent to which the law reflects moral and ethical standards; The role of law reform in the criminal justice system; The extent to which the law balances the rights of victims, offenders and society; The effectiveness of legal and non-legal measures in achieving justice
Content: 2. Criminal Investigation Process – Investigating crime – use of technology; 3. Criminal Trial Process – The role of juries, including verdicts (evaluate the effectiveness of the jury system in the criminal trial); General theme across Human Rights and options topics – evaluate the effectiveness of non-legal measures in achieving justice/ just outcomes


The Victorian Curriculum F-10
Content: Humanities, Levels 9 and 10, Law and Citizens (Outcome VCCCCL034)
VCE Legal Studies
Content: Unit 3, AoS 1 – the rights of the accused


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