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Voice- The Case for Voting NO

The Voice Reerendum: Arguments for Voting No on First Nations Voice to Parliament at Referendum. The Case for No on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament and the pros and cons, with both sides of argument of a Voice to parliament and why we should vote no

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Lehrmann case disregard rule of law

It is not widely understood that the investigations and lawsuits brought about as a result of the R v Lehrmann (‘Britney Higgins case’) have directly resulted from a disregard of the rule of law in connection with that case.

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ICAC Stats

Part I: Delayed Justice and Anti- Corruption Bodies How does NSW ICAC measure up? Delayed Justice...

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Is ICAC a Kangaroo Court?

Which parts of the kangaroo court would form part of its national integrity commission? Will appeal rights be discarded? Will the rules of evidence go? And will there be show trials with predetermined outcomes?

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Inspector’s Review of ICAC

The President of the Rule of Law Institute, Robin Speed, has been an active participant in the NSW parliamentary committee inquiry into ICAC and the ICAC Inspector’s report to the Premier earlier this year, drawing the committee’s attention to the case of former SES commissioner Murray Kear.

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