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NSW History Draft v2 Feedback

The second draft of the NSW History Curriculum released in February 2024 has some civics content but more is needed, especially in relation to the basics of law and government for NSW students to be informed and active citizensh

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NESA draft History 7-10 Syllabus – What is missing?

The draft syllabus is supposedly aligned to the F–10 Australian Curriculum (version 9.0).
Really? Where is the Civics and Citizenship 7-10 curriculum? Its presence is clearly stated in the Australian Curriculum, but omitted from NESA 7-10 syllabuses. Why? When democracies around the world are experiencing backsliding and the rise of extremism the need for active and informed citizens is clearly evident.

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VCTA Commview 23

Victorian Commercial Teachers Association Conference Held in Melbourne on 20th and 21st November...

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Eureka rebellion

The Eureka rebellion was a defining moment in Australian history as the beginning of true representative democracy. It resulted in important reforms being put in place to limit the power government had over the people and gave people a voice in making laws and the ability to hold decision makers to account.
This page provides an audio book reading of the book, character chards, a poster and the Eureka Debate

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Commonwealth funding of school chaplaincy program

The 2021-21 budget has continued funding for the National School Chaplaincy Program (NSCP), however while the NSCP will continue to support the wellbeing of students and school communities through the provision of pastoral care...

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