Teaching Resource - Human Rights, Cultural Burial and Migration

Download a PDF of the resource – best printed A3 double sided

The rule of law is essential for Human Rights to be protected – this new Human Rights teaching resource deals with two key areas of law, cultural burial practices and migration.

The rule of law is interested in maintaining equality before the law. Equality before the law requires above all that a person cannot be punished unless it is done by the law.

Equality before the law means that an individual, regardless of their status in society, can challenge a law which is unconstitutional or otherwise invalid under Australian law to the highest court in the land.

Equality before the law includes being able to challenge the decision of a government agency on equal footing. For equality before the law to exist here the government must follow certain rules when dealing with an individual, because the resources of the government far outstrip those of most, if not all, individuals.

This teaching resource will assist in teaching practical examples of equality before the law to Year 11 and Year 12 legal Studies students, however, the resource could be adapted for use with junior students.

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