The Institute’s education team have developed some technology law resources to assist teachers and students.

Changing technology and its impact on society is a challenge for legislators and courts. The rapid pace of change has led to a lag effect where the problematic use of and conduct with technology impacts on the community. Judges are frequently having to make decision on cases where the legislation is non-existence or unclear. Parliaments around Australia are passing and proposing legislation to address issues such as the distribution of intimate images, defamation, data breaches, misrepresentation of age online and space exploration.

Law Reform

Download a Law Reform Activity – Intimate Images Act NSW 2017

Technology resources

Download a Technology and the Law Presentation

Technology Resources

Download Links for Contemporary Issue Research – Cyber Crime, Privacy, Genetic Profiling, Cyber Bullying, Metadata.

These technology law resources are designed to assist teachers  and students to remain current with  legislation, case law and media commentary. All links are current as of June 2018.