Case Studies

Study Guide

See our study guide for our case studies, posters, and other info on rule of law issues. Great for research tasks and accessible for students.

The Magna Carta

Foundation document of the rule of law. How has it influenced ideas about freedom and human rights today?

Legal Literacy

The resource guides students through ILAC including examples of legal issues and activities to develop and practice their legal reasoning.

Racial Discrimination

Case studies about international and domestic legal responses to the issue of racial discrimination and human rights.

Access to Justice

Cases about access to justice starring: a sheep, a goat and a dog. Also includes important discussion about legal aid.

Mandatory Sentencing

Mandatory sentences pose issues in terms of the independence of judges, and an offender receiving a punishment which fits the crime.

Sport and the Law

The blackest day in Australian sport, and how the law affects athletes and the world of sport.

Human Rights - Cultural Burial and Migration

New Human Rights teaching resource on Cultural Burial Practices and Migration.

Freedom of Expression

How does the Australian Constitution provides protections for political speech?

Bail Laws in NSW

The relatively new Bail Act 2013 (NSW) has undergone much reform during its short time in force. How are bail decisions made in NSW?

Organised Crime

NSW and Queensland legislation targeting “outlaw motorcycle clubs” has raised serious rule of law issues in recent times…


The power to access Metadata needs to be controlled, monitored and transparent in their use particularly in the case of journalists.

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