Case Studies

Legal Literacy

A resource to guide students through the ILAC legal literacy scaffold. Includes examples of legal issues and activities to develop and practice their reasoning skills. Click here


Access to Justice

Case studies about access to justice, including the important Dietrich case along with discussion about self-represented litigants, apprehended bias and pro-bono cases.  Click here


Bail Laws

How are bail decisions made in NSW? What is the case law and what is the role of bail in NSW criminal justice system. Click here


The Constitution

Detailed analysis of the underlying principles of the Constitution, separation of powers, division of powers and human rights.  Includes links to further case studies, resources and posters.  Click here


Defamation Laws

Analysis of Defamation Law reform and the Geoffrey Rush Cash.  Click here


Implied Freedom of Political Communication

How does the Australian Constitution provides protections for political speech? Click here


Human Rights- Cultural Burial and Migration

New Human Rights teaching resource on Cultural Burial Practices and Migration. Click here


Technology and the Law

Case studies an multiple resources to assist in teaching the topic area of technology and the law, including recent law reform.  Click here


Mandatory Sentencing

New Mandatory Sentencing teaching resource for NSW, includes an ‘One Punch’ case note.  Click here


Organised Crime

Our 2017 resource that outlines law reform responses to Organised Crime in NSW and Qld. The resource includes a case study on the VLAD laws. Click here


Sport and the Law

An older resource on Sport and the Law but still relevant for teachers looking for ideas. Click here


Racial Discrimination

Case studies about international and domestic legal responses to the issue of racial discrimination and human rights. Click here


The Magna Carta

Foundation document of the rule of law. How has it influenced ideas about freedom and human rights today?

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